FLOW Quantification

Discover SPIN FLOW

Fast (<5 minutes), objective, and accurate results​​
Automatic vessel labeling​​​
Automatic segmentation of the lumen of the vessel​
Vessels' cross sectional area (CSA) mapping​
Automatic aliasing correction​
Flow error analysis for each vessel​
Standalone or plug-in tool on various workstations

How does SPIN FLOW work?

SPIN FLOW takes phase-contrast MRI data and automatically segments, labels and generates quantitative flow information for all major vessels in the neck.  When all the vessels are segmented, anti-aliasing will run automatically and the flow report and plots will be generated. Only one click is required.
All these can be finished within five minutes. Inter- and intra-operator errors are significantly eliminated through the use of our automatic processing.

Clinical use:

  • Stroke
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Cardiovascular diseases
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